Reboot complete!

Just a quick note to say I've finally completed the overhaul of the websites and blog. For me personally this was well overdue, and the old site looked tired and a little 1990s!

Plus points of the new site :-

  • Better social integration
  • Cleaner design - photography is first
  • Better and cleaner integration with Fine Art America, who now print and ship in the UK too!

Many thanks for your continued support :-)

Cowboy food, for all those non-cowboys!

I should start by saying that I am not a cowboy, nor have I ever met a cowboy or been to cowboy country. When I first made this dish I was looking for something that was a variation of 'bangers and beans', with the deep flavours I imagined that were of the midwest plains, sweet smoky BBQ type flavours.

The recipe is a favourite not just for the taste but because its a one pot dish, its tastes equally as nice the next day (great if you cook it on Sunday as you have Monday's evening meal sorted too).

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New camera, hello Ricoh!

I recently had the opportunity to invest some money in new camera equipment. As you can see the majority of my work is taken with my Nikon D90, and with it approaching 5 years old I figured I should consider an upgrade. That said, and on reflection, I have been taking a lot more urban street photographs which often require something less obtrusive and more discrete.  

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New camera....well new to me anyway!!

I've had the film back from the lab, for a couple of rolls I shot with my new camera. I say new but its really not.....the Canon AE1 is a bit of a classic and this one is new to me, but been around a bit. I'm really pleased with the results; I've been running Kodak Portra through it and although there is a bit of light leak in some shots (I think it adds to the charm!!) the results have been great.

Canon AE 1

AE 1 Kodak Portra ISO 400
AE 1 Kodak Portra ISO 400

AE1 Kodak Portra ISO 400I suppose you always take a bit of a chance when you buy used equipment, especially if its something from a few decades ago. I got this one from a shop that specialises in used cameras, so I felt kind of secure in that the owners of the store not only knew the equipment but had also run a film through it.

Feedback from my friends and peers across the web has been great too, a couple of shots have made it into the Flickr Explore page, which is always nice!

Speaking of film, having recently upgraded my PC and signed up to Adobe's Creative Cloud, I also picked up a couple of VSCO's film packs and will do a bit of a 'before and after' blog post in the coming weeks.


New sets updated in Flickr

Having spent the best part of the summer shooting in Blackpool, a by product of that is that I have a set of photographs from the piers in Blackpool. On film and digital, they capture the faded splendour of all three piers.


I've also pulled all of the alleyway and side street shots into a set too.

Both sets can be found by clicking on the photographs below.



Alleyways and Side Streets 

Mapping the streets of Blackpool (Google Maps + Flickr)

I've been thinking of starting this project for a few months, mapping Flickr photographs to Google Maps. In fact ever since my last run on the 'Explore Page' in Flickr, I've been drawn to the idea. The two photo projects "Dickson Road" and "Foxhall and I" were generated in areas not too far from the major tourist areas of Blackpool, so were ideal candidates.
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Hello VSCO!

As a film photographer (as well as digital) I truly appreciate the esthetics of the work over at the Visual Supply Co.

So whilst waiting for the Android version of their mobile app (come on guys....please hurry), I thought I'd make a head start using the iPhone version.

You can see my work here at the grid.

I'll post some work in the coming days with my next major update.

What can I find where?

Just a quick note to explain what content can be found on the various sites and platforms I use. I try to keep content unique across all of them with no duplicate images or photographs.

All new uploads get tweeted, so please follow me for updates.

Main photography site is still Flickr, daily uploads both film and digital. I've just enjoyed another run on the Explore page and my photostream is closing in on 1,000,000 views!

I use Tumblr for more experimental images, photographs with text on them, full size un-cropped photographs from Instagram etc.

Instagram has daily uploads, no duplicates from Flickr and all taken with either my Galaxy or iPhone (I'm lucky enough to have one of each - one from work!). I've been using Snapseed, VSCO and Hipstamtic too.


Lomography and LomoWalls

After the Flickr reconfiguration/revamp/reworking or whatever you want to call it earlier in the year I spent some time looking at alternative photograph hosting sites. Don't get me wrong I wasn't desperate to move away from Flickr, but I felt it was about time to have another look what was out there.

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Its been a crazy last couple of months, with another really great run on the Flickr Explore page, Getty Images asking for another 20 photographs and my investment in a medium format camera.

I've started a new collection of images in Flickr called 'Foxhall and I' that will document one of the more deprived areas of Blackpool. You can get a sneak peek of them following this link here

I'm really pleased too that I've just past the 500,000 view mark on my Flickr account too....many thanks to all of my Flickr friends for their support and kind comments :-)



I've just passed the 10,000 exposure mark on my trusty Nikon D90! I knew I was close but got carried away and before I knew it was past the 10,000 mark. Anyway I pleased it was a classic sunset from the beach near where I live.

I've recently spent some time in the neighbouring down and one of the more deprived areas of my home town too - photo's below.

There is also a big housing estate which will make perfect material for a 'suburbia' set of photographs. The houses are quite boring by their design, which in itself leads to a certain mundane beauty.

I've updated my portfolio with some new and more recent material...some of which are below too!

Urban Portfolio Updated

Having had a great year in photography it was rounded off with a 14 day run of my photographs appearing in the Flickr Explore collection. I've included a selection of 7 of the urban themed shots in the urban gallery. As usual all the photographs are available as high resolution prints via the print delivery service Fotomoto. The copyright mark will be removed at the time of printing.




Gallery Update

A quick journal update, the Beach and the Big Sky gallery now includes several of the photographs chosen by Getty Images to be included in their stock. They are available as prints from this site and the watermark will be removed as usual.



I finally got around to pulling a book togeter!

"The path to the beach" is a collection of some of my favourite beach shots from the last 12 months. Inside there are some stunning sunsets, landscapes and even the odd quirky photograph too!

The book is available through Blurb (link below), and I will be putting the photographs in their own gallery, making them available as prints.


New gallery added - The Beach

I've just published a collection of scenes, landscapes and details from the beach. Living so close to the beach I literally had 100's of shots to choose from so getting it dow to 50 or so was no easy task! I do intend to post some more in the near future, but I think this selection encompass what the beach means to me. Incidentally all are taken on the same beach 'North Shore' in Blackpool, UK.


Photograph Galleries Updated

I re-worked the Photograph Galleries and added a three new galleries, Sunsets, Big Sky and Urban. Sunsets speaks for itself, Big Sky is a celebration of the vast blue space above out heads and the clouds painted across it whilst Urban is a collection of photographs from the city. As usual prints are available through Fotomoto, click the 'Buy' link at the bottom of each image when viewing in the lightbox.

I intend to introduce several more over the coming weeks, including:

  • Beach
  • Still Life
  • Food
  • Urban Art 


A love of film.

Coming from digital to film could possibly considered the reverse way of doing things. After all film came before digital didn't it? That said the emergence of the Lomography movement, has put film very much back in vogue, with a younger generation picking up their plastic, fixed lens toy cameras and shooting from dusk till dawn. 
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