Lomography and LomoWalls

After the Flickr reconfiguration/revamp/reworking or whatever you want to call it earlier in the year I spent some time looking at alternative photograph hosting sites. Don't get me wrong I wasn't desperate to move away from Flickr, but I felt it was about time to have another look what was out there.

After a little messing with Ipernity, I found myself at the Lomography website.

For the uninitiated Lomography is a community and shop dedicated to creative and experimental analogue photography. As a more recent convert to using film (ie I came to film from digital), I figured I'd have a look. After all I, like many others, had picked up a Diana a few years back and the little book that came with the camera made Lomography look somewhat inviting!

The Lomography site is part shop and part photography sharing community. It has a social aspect with the ability to make connections through 'friends', 'liking' of photographs, social integration of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. It also has all of the features you would expect from a photograph management site such as album generation, tagging, categorising and geotagging too.

The part I really like the best is the Lomo Walls! A Lomo Wall is a flexible grid made up of 60 cells where you can display your photographs. I say flexible as it has a really cool feature that enables you to merge cells to make some bigger than others so that when you add a photograph to a merged cell the photograph is resized to the merged cell size, as you can see below.


 Overall I like the effect and I haven't seen this done before (though I'm happy to be proved wrong)!

If I could have one wish it would be the ability too embed and share a LomoWall directly into a blog. Aside from that I think they are a cool alternative to display you photograph, in themes and genres. As you can imagine the Lomo community have some very cool and innovative approaches to using the LomoWalls too!!!