Mapping the streets of Blackpool (Google Maps + Flickr)

Two updates on one week!!

I've been thinking of starting this project for a few months, mapping Flickr photographs to Google Maps. In fact ever since my last run on the 'Explore Page' in Flickr, I've been drawn to the idea. The two photo projects "Dickson Road" and "Foxhall and I" were generated in areas not too far from the major tourist areas of Blackpool, so were ideal candidates.

As such I thought I might create an 'alternative' tourist/photo trail of the town, mapping many of the photographs from the projects into Google Maps.

After creating a map in Google Maps, I dropped place markers into the map and copied and pasted the "HTML/BBCode" from the Flickr image into the "Edit HTML" option of the place marker. When the place marker is viewed as "Rich Text" the Flickr image appears in the pop-up.

The project is by no means complete, and I will be adding to it as the weeks go by, feel free to comment and share too!



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