I finally got around to pulling a book togeter!

"The path to the beach" is a collection of some of my favourite beach shots from the last 12 months. Inside there are some stunning sunsets, landscapes and even the odd quirky photograph too!

The book is available through Blurb (link below), and I will be putting the photographs in their own gallery, making them available as prints.


New gallery added - The Beach

I've just published a collection of scenes, landscapes and details from the beach. Living so close to the beach I literally had 100's of shots to choose from so getting it dow to 50 or so was no easy task! I do intend to post some more in the near future, but I think this selection encompass what the beach means to me. Incidentally all are taken on the same beach 'North Shore' in Blackpool, UK.


Come with me...

Come with me... by Nick Barkworth
Come with me..., a photo by Nick Barkworth on Flickr.
"Come with me..."

This shot is a cropped photograph of the shoreline where I live. Its a photo I've looked at a few times and struggled with the processing. Using the crop tool to mask areas often gives me a new perspective on a photograph, in this instance the horizon has been dropped!

"The ebb and the flow"

The ebb and the flow by Nick Barkworth
The ebb and the flow, a photo by Nick Barkworth on Flickr.
Taking advantage of what is around you and looking at it through a lens can give you a whole new perspective on your environment. What you find as mundane or routine others will view with great interest.

Living close to the beach for a while I did just that......took it for granted. In recent years I started shooting the sunsets, the coming and going of the tide and the people who were attracted to the beach. A scene which never stays the same from one day to the next and a constant source of inspiration.

That said the it is not without its difficulty in shooting. The sunshine reflected off the sand can be problematic.

In this shot I wanted to capture the sun and its reflection on the sand and water. Adding a couple of layers to calm down its glare and alter the tone of the sky I achieved this almost 'winter sun' feel.