New camera....well new to me anyway!!

I've had the film back from the lab, for a couple of rolls I shot with my new camera. I say new but its really not.....the Canon AE1 is a bit of a classic and this one is new to me, but been around a bit. I'm really pleased with the results; I've been running Kodak Portra through it and although there is a bit of light leak in some shots (I think it adds to the charm!!) the results have been great.

Canon AE 1

AE 1 Kodak Portra ISO 400
AE 1 Kodak Portra ISO 400

AE1 Kodak Portra ISO 400I suppose you always take a bit of a chance when you buy used equipment, especially if its something from a few decades ago. I got this one from a shop that specialises in used cameras, so I felt kind of secure in that the owners of the store not only knew the equipment but had also run a film through it.

Feedback from my friends and peers across the web has been great too, a couple of shots have made it into the Flickr Explore page, which is always nice!

Speaking of film, having recently upgraded my PC and signed up to Adobe's Creative Cloud, I also picked up a couple of VSCO's film packs and will do a bit of a 'before and after' blog post in the coming weeks.


A love of film.

Coming from digital to film could possibly considered the reverse way of doing things. After all film came before digital didn't it? That said the emergence of the Lomography movement, has put film very much back in vogue, with a younger generation picking up their plastic, fixed lens toy cameras and shooting from dusk till dawn. 
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