New camera....well new to me anyway!!

I've had the film back from the lab, for a couple of rolls I shot with my new camera. I say new but its really not.....the Canon AE1 is a bit of a classic and this one is new to me, but been around a bit. I'm really pleased with the results; I've been running Kodak Portra through it and although there is a bit of light leak in some shots (I think it adds to the charm!!) the results have been great.

Canon AE 1

AE 1 Kodak Portra ISO 400
AE 1 Kodak Portra ISO 400

AE1 Kodak Portra ISO 400I suppose you always take a bit of a chance when you buy used equipment, especially if its something from a few decades ago. I got this one from a shop that specialises in used cameras, so I felt kind of secure in that the owners of the store not only knew the equipment but had also run a film through it.

Feedback from my friends and peers across the web has been great too, a couple of shots have made it into the Flickr Explore page, which is always nice!

Speaking of film, having recently upgraded my PC and signed up to Adobe's Creative Cloud, I also picked up a couple of VSCO's film packs and will do a bit of a 'before and after' blog post in the coming weeks.


Lomography and LomoWalls

After the Flickr reconfiguration/revamp/reworking or whatever you want to call it earlier in the year I spent some time looking at alternative photograph hosting sites. Don't get me wrong I wasn't desperate to move away from Flickr, but I felt it was about time to have another look what was out there.

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