"The shelter"


The shelter by Nick Barkworth
The shelter, a photo by Nick Barkworth on Flickr.

I've shot shelters before but this one was in the winter and a particularly nasty day. The tide was in and an on shore gale made it very difficult to get any decent beach shots.

That said the fast moving clouds gave an ever changing sky which is always interesting.

This shelter sits on a slight rise which enables you to photograph it as if you are on your belly. Shooting upwards you get the nice clouds moving in off the Irish Sea.

Framing the shot I wanted to make sure I got the clouds but avoid some of the urban accessories ie lamp posts!

Once back at home I really wanted to pull that light off the roof of the shelter through the shot and also make sure the clouds retained their form and not disappear into the sky.

Edit : Now available as a print to order....please see Photography section in the 'Home before dark' gallery.