"The ebb and the flow"

The ebb and the flow by Nick Barkworth
The ebb and the flow, a photo by Nick Barkworth on Flickr.
Taking advantage of what is around you and looking at it through a lens can give you a whole new perspective on your environment. What you find as mundane or routine others will view with great interest.

Living close to the beach for a while I did just that......took it for granted. In recent years I started shooting the sunsets, the coming and going of the tide and the people who were attracted to the beach. A scene which never stays the same from one day to the next and a constant source of inspiration.

That said the it is not without its difficulty in shooting. The sunshine reflected off the sand can be problematic.

In this shot I wanted to capture the sun and its reflection on the sand and water. Adding a couple of layers to calm down its glare and alter the tone of the sky I achieved this almost 'winter sun' feel.