"Enjoy Coca-Cola"

Enjoy Coca-Cola by Nick Barkworth
Enjoy Coca-Cola, a photo by Nick Barkworth on Flickr.

The Asian section of Animal Kingdom gave the Disney Imagineers the perfect opportunity to show off their skills by recreating an authentic Asian mash-up with influences from the far east and Indian sub continent. Details include weather beaten signs in Hindi, abandoned rick-saws, carts and bicycles. Walls have adverts for fake shops, bars and restaurants. This photograph was taken outside a drink vending spot. The weathered Coca-Cola sign and parked bicycle add to the general theme of being in a rural village in the Far East.

As such I wanted to again give the photograph an aged feel, which I did by building up the layers, changing the tones of the colours, adding noise and lens vignette, and finally desaturating the whole image. The effect pulls out the textures of the stone wall and cycle.