"We come at night"



We come at night by Nick Barkworth
We come at night, a photo by Nick Barkworth on Flickr.

Sometimes its not the detailed scenery which gives the best effect. This shot was taken at Space Mountain in Walt Disney World. Due to the coloured light in the tunnel I didn't need to do much, except adjust the curves to focus the brightness and enhance the silhouettes. The rest was a simple pseudo cross process layer.



"From the road"



From the road by Nick Barkworth
From the road, a photo by Nick Barkworth on Flickr.

The detailed scenery at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World is second to none. In this photograph I wanted to get a retro feel, as if the photo had been taken out of a box of old photographs kept on top of a cupboard. Using layers I gradually built up the image, starting with curves, adding some lens vignette and compensating for the clarity of a digital image by sprinkling some noise too!